Introduction by the Author

May 28, 2020

The whole purpose of the story and the book was to inspire the new generation. When I talk about the new generation, I’m talking about kids between fifteen and thirty to find themselves professionally but also to get the motivation of doing something to achieve certain things. I care not for my own sake; I care about it because it has and can have a huge impact on others because it’s not only about publishing your own book by telling your life story, I would be perceived as arrogant, you know being thirty-eight and publishing my own book but what we are doing here is at the end of the day opening doors, showing how life can function, professionally or on the private side giving you tips and tricks. The difference to other books is that again we are collaborating here with NGOs who are doing a great thing out of it. It’s not about me becoming richer or the publishing company making a lot of money, it’s about contributing those funds to people in need. When I say people in need; our next generation – the future. We are already suffering tremendous challenges when it comes in the workforce, that we don’t have enough educated and qualified people. This allows, of course not to eliminate the entire problem worldwide, but at least I feel that I contributed to eliminating those challenges, in a very minimalistic way, but it’s a good feeling and this is why I really believe in this.