Future Generations

Jun 3, 2020

Talking about the purpose of life and meaning of life, this is something extremely deep and I could talk about it for hours. My personal purpose in life is that at the end of the day, it is exactly the same as I’ve lived for the past thirty-eight years. It is about being myself, being true, doing good things for the world, and something I’ve discovered in my field in hospitality is that I would like to create leaders in the future generation who represent the same values and create the same great culture and working environment like I used to do for the last decade. If I’m talking about Bucharest, you know, we created this strong foundation there, we created a culture, we created history in terms of success for results, in Europe and globally. In Malta I’m doing the same now, I have a strong team who are following, who are implementing the culture and the great things we do and it’s not about me taking the credit for it and saying that I am doing it, I am just the one to make it happen and the moment I leave this culture will continue, will evolve, will grow, and this is I think my purpose in life, professionally speaking, to come to places, to establish a strong culture make sure that everyone is happy – the employees, the stakeholders, the owners, the company, and then leaving at the certain point where you believe that your mission was accomplished.