Life is not a picnic

Success is oftentimes the result of hard work, of turning challenges into opportunities, of working against all odds, of believing in yourself and of never letting anyone tell you otherwise. Furthermore, success does not come easily, as there is always a price to pay for it, and you need courage to do that. As Fortune does favour the bold.

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About The Book

This book outlines the struggles and emotional hardships that is commonly faced across a greater population. By emotionally engaging the natural life journey individuals face with the ups and downs of their lives, Lior refers to his personal and professional story to aid him in resonating with communicating a wider message. Ultimately, with how his book is written, the fundamentals of his experiences are seen to hold more similarities in value, morals, learnings, and personal developments.

With his raw and blunt outlook and expression, he delves into how life is not easy despite the image he may presently portray in his daily life. He too, as it is with everyone, has struggled. He too, as it may be with many more, has overcome.

The purpose this book holds is to inspire the greater self-betterment of his readers, and potentially inspire the re-ignition of a driving and fighting flame inside.

Success oftentimes will follow hard work. It also, however, requires ability to turn challenges into opportunities, the persistence to work against the odds, and the courage to believe in one´s self more than the discouraging and hindering comments or opinions which are due to come. There is also the acceptance to sacrifice and most importantly, the power and simplicity of choice.

Life is beautiful to be alive and present. Certainly not a picnic but, beautiful for the opportunity to make a difference. 

Lior Bebera (2020)

What’s inside


 “As a writer you must never indulge your audience. The audience is your adversary. You must defeat them, which means your writing must have the power to change them.” – Anonymous

 I do not buy books to build upon my apartment décor.

I buy books to read them.

As it is with many readers, I am drawn to literature I believe identify with my past, present, or my potential futures. I buy books to learn from them; to enhance my knowledge, my habits, my being. I seek for books which hold a weight worth baring change for. I search for impact. I search for widened perspectives. I search for reflection and growth.

This search brings upon the collection and development of answers – some partial, some full – to questions I ask myself. What do I want? What can I achieve? Where do I want to be? How far do I want to go? What is my place?

Frankly speaking, we are all capable of attaining a ‘good’ life. The practice and mental aptitude behind actually making a choice was consistently identified with achievements and accomplishments.

Our mental barriers and boundaries do define our results.

Though the actual past shapes the present – likewise with the actual present shaping the future – the gained perspectives from reflection held of both past and present do as well contribute to a change of one’s future. The negative moments in occurrence, are merely pieces which play in the bigger game of living. Both cliché and true, everything happens for a reason; one simply would not be who they are today if it were otherwise.

Yet, between the repeated complaint over loss and momentary failure, and the re-ignition and fuelling following a closed door as a push towards a greater gain, both hold their own respective contribution to defining the final achievement of the greater end-goal. Sometimes, a reminder of where, how, when, or what to push is needed. 

I believe I serve the purpose of being that reminder. Not merely verbally, but with my actions and support. I have learnt and do continue to believe that in the grand scheme of things, I play my part in this world by using the tools and resources I have gained over the years of hardships, failures, and success, to now build a platform from which, as a leader, enables me to present greater leaders. I believe I serve a purpose of trying to give more than myself and impacts restricted to my lifetime to the future generations – what happens now is my opportunity to make my little contribution to a different humanity, one leader at a time. One mind at a time; one inspired self-belief at a time.  




Lior provides an introduction to his life with a storytelling approach involved in his book. He extends his role as a professional mentor and leader throughout his book grazing the surface of the most core drivers, morals, and principles he has gathered and applied in his own life. He is raw and truthful in his writing as he shares his difficulties, his mistakes, his thought-process, and the moulding of his mind-set and perspectives.


Your Mind Makes All the Difference in the World


How It All Began

  1. Who Am I?
  2. What Are You Good At?

The Rules Behind the Scenes

  1. Simplicity
  2. Declare Goals
  3. Nurture What You Reap
  4. Forgiveness & Letting Go
  5. Intention to Achievement
  6. Distancing one’s-Self from Work
  7. Managing External Influence

Spiritual Influence on Work


Life's Blows Make You Stronger

  1. Marriage
  2. Take Control of Your Life
  3. Each Country, A Success Lesson
  4. A Leader´s Impact
  5. Services and Employees
  6. Motivation
  7. Decisions
  8. Sacrifice & Priorities
  9. Drama
  10. Recognizing Value
  11. From Challenge to Success
  12. Luck vs. Effort
  13. Leadership

Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

  1. Physiological & Safety
  2. Belonging
  3. Esteem
  4. Self-Actualization

Being Successful is Being Yourself


Visualize The Picnic

About the author.

As a family man, and a father to two, he also shares his personal difficulties and blessings. He retains a very raw and transparent approach throughout his book as he knows he is just as human as those reading.

Life is not a picnic

Declare Goals

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”
― Albert Einstein

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Life is not a picnic - Lior Bebera

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